Meeting Foreign Country Requirements


A review of foreign country restrictions and requirements should form an integral part of your foundation's international grantmaking procedures. Some countries, for example, require that a grantee obtain special registration, or secure specific information about the grantmaker prior to receiving foreign funding. Not meeting such requirements, where they exist, could put a grantee’s staff or operations at risk, or result in grant funds being sequestered by a foreign government.

Paragon's Equivalency Determination PLUS, Expenditure Responsibility PLUSand Government Entity PLUS services include facilitation of compliance with foreign country requirements. This service can also be requested on a stand-alone basis, or in conjunction with watch list screening. Our team manages the following steps for your family foundation, corporate foundation, or donor advised fund:

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An evolving global landscape

The importance of being both aware of and compliant with foreign country requirements is underscored by global trends toward a ‘closing space’ for international philanthropy. Paragon's article in Alliance MagazineInternationally Engaged Foundations: Coping with the Disabling Environment, discusses some of the existing risks, challenges, and solutions.


1. Review foreign country restrictions and requirements

  • Review foreign country requirements affecting both the grantee and the grantor in the context of an international grant. Such requirements may, for example, include a requirement for special registration, special permitting, or the provision of specific information to the foreign grantee or foreign government.


2. Obtain and submit required documentation and information

  • As required, obtain documentation of grantee compliance with foreign country requirements related to the receipt of international grant funding.
  • As required, facilitate compliance by the grantor with foreign country requirements.


3. Alert the grantor on foreign country restrictions of particular concern

  • Alert the grantor to foreign country restrictions on the operations of civil society organizations that may affect the implementation of grant activities.