Equivalency Determination Service


In making an Equivalency Determination (ED), a grantmaker assesses whether a prospective foreign grantee is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity. We go beyond making an Equivalency Determination. Paragon's ED fee of $1,600 includes SDN searches while the ED is current, document transfer (such as a grant agreement should you choose to have one), and confirmation of receipt of funds. We handle all communications with the foreign grantee. Our ED recertification fee is $750. We do not charge a membership fee.


1. Initial Documentation

  • Orient the foreign grantee on the Equivalency Determination process
  • Obtain key documents (affidavit for non-U.S. grantees, public support form, and major donor form)
  • Review foreign country prerequisites affecting international grantmaking (such as special registration requirements)


2. Review of Foreign Country Requirements

  • Review regulations in the foreign country affecting the grantee and the grantmaker, and verify compliance. Alert client to any foreign country restrictions on the operations of civil society organizations that might be of particular concern.


3. Equivalency Determination

  • Review the documentation (conducted by our legal partner, SourcePoint Law)
  • Generate the Equivalency Determination letter (SourcePoint Law)


4. SDN Search / USA Patriot Act Compliance

  • Conduct the SDN Search
  • Review OFAC Sanctions Programs
  • Review the Terrorist Exclusion List


5. Grant Agreement

  • When applicable, transmit the grant agreement and related documents to the grantee and secure signatures


6. Wire Transfer Information & Receipt of Funds

  • Secure the grantee’s international wire transfer information
  • Confirm grantee receipt of funds