Enabling Your Global Giving


We believe global giving should be accessible. Paragon helps break down the barriers to international grantmaking by empowering your private foundation, donor advised fund, or public charity to make direct, affordable, informed, and effective cross-border grants to the organizations that inspire you. We offer three essential services.


Philanthropic Advising


Expenditure Responsibility & Equivalency Determination


Anti-Terrorist Financing Screening


Philanthropic Advising


Paragon is positioned to help you conceptualize and implement your global philanthropic goals, and identify outstanding nonprofits and projects to support. Our advisors have distinguished themselves helping individual donors and foundations implement thoughtful and effective philanthropic initiatives in the international arena, and have in-depth expertise in a range of issue areas such as the environment, health, humanitarian aid, disaster management, and others.

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We will work closely with you to: 

  • Design a tailored giving strategy
  • Advise on and research areas of interest
  • Conceptualize programs
  • Research and Identify effective nonprofits
  • Measure the impact of giving

Expenditure Responsibility & Equivalency Determination



If you are a private foundation or a sponsoring organization of donor advised funds, our comprehensive back office compliance services allow you to give directly to foreign organizations and avoid the high, percentage-based fees of U.S. intermediaries.

To allow you more choice and flexibility in your international grantmaking, we offer both Expenditure Responsibility and Equivalency Determination and recommend which path to pursue.

Both our Expenditure Responsibility and Equivalency Determination services include the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) search, checking foreign grantees against the U.S. government's lists of organizations and individuals suspected or known to be involved in terrorism. Anti-terrorism financing screening is implemented at the Silver Vetting level.

Our services are characterized by a personalized relationship with our clients and a fast turn-around time for due diligence steps. We do not charge a membership fee.

Expenditure Responsibility

Expenditure Responsibility (ER) services for project-specific grantmaking. One low flat fee.

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Equivalency Determination

Equivalency Determination (ED) for general support grants. No membership fee.  

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Anti-Terrorist Financing Screening


Paragon's anti-terrorist financing screening service assists your grantmaking public charity, private foundation, or DAF in complying with U.S. laws, statutes, and regulations related to combating terrorist financing.

International grantmaking entails an increased risk of diversion of charitable funds by terrorist organizations and their support networks. When making cross-border grants, it is important to adopt specific practices that lessen these risks. Grantmakers that fail to take appropriate steps can face significant penalties if funds are diverted and OFAC regulations are violated.


Paragon Philanthropy was a wonderful partner in assisting Omaha Community Foundation with an Equivalency Determination on a nonprofit in India. They were thorough with the work and end product, timely and always kept us up-to-date on our progress. We had complete confidence in the final product we received and were able to provide to a donor.
— Hillary Nather-Detisch, Director of Donor Accounts, Omaha Community Foundation

Selected Clients


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Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

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Legacy Trust

Communities Foundation of Texas

Marin Community Foundation

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