Grantee Credibility Assessment

A Grantee Credibility Assessment provides insight into a grantee's reputation, the impact of its programs, and other key criteria to help ensure your support will prove a good investment. Our customizable grantee scoring system employs criteria such as the following:

  • Strategy: How do the organization's programs work? What makes their approach different from other approaches? What is the theory of change?

  • Impact of Programs: Can the organization demonstrate immediate and lasting impact from its activities? Does the organization have a system in place to measure and evaluate outcomes and impact?

  • Organization and Operations: Does the organization have a strong financial track record, a clear plan for long-term sustainability, and an ethic of transparency?

  • Leadership: How effective is the executive and management team? In what manner does the board support and contribute?

  • Innovation: Is the organization recognized as a leader or innovator in its field?

  • Reputation: What is the organization's reputation among peers, the public, and its beneficiaries?

  • Local Empowerment & Capacity: Does the program empower its beneficiaries and integrate gender equality and social inclusion principles?

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Thematic Expertise


Paragon's team is uniquely positioned to evaluate potential grantees through the lens of programmatic impact and other key criteria. Our team members are recognized experts and thought leaders in their fields. Following are principal areas of focus: